We Create Locally

AgCreate works locally as well as globally. Known for beautiful videos, clever logos, e-learning, impactful websites, and PR releases, AgCreate works to develop solutions that make sense for companies in their educational and marketing plan.

We create,” emphasizes President and Creative Director, Sarah Probst Miller. “From video to photo shoots to thirty-second ads, logos, and promotional designs, no job is too big or too small!”

Here’s a link to this month’s local features!

“The Ag in the AgCreate name is a nod to a lovely, brilliant community leader and lifelong teacher. “My grandmother Agnes was one of the most organized, creative people I knew. She was 100% devoted to impacting the local community.” says Sarah Probst Miller, founder and president of AgCreate.  “The Ag in AgCreate is a simultaneous nod to my farm background. Growing up on a farm has taught me values that affect my actions today.”

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