ScienceSpeak_logo_only What is Science Speak

Learn to transform your scientific presentation from something that means a lot to you into something that means a lot to your audience.

Listeners care that your science is real, but your core message can be lost if you don’t capture and hold the audience’s attention.

That’s what Science Speak Level 1 is all about . . . figuring out how to present the information in a way that makes the science come alive.

Let Dr. Sarah be your coach! Dr. Sarah can help improve your delivery style and presentation through one-on-one coaching or team seminars.

How Does Science Speak Work? 

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Phase 1: Presenting

Phase 1 is a half day seminar for 8-10 people. The focus is on identifying your strengths, and editing any distracting habits. You will also practice writing a good presentation. 

Writing Phasenew

Phase 2: Writing

Phase 2 is a half day seminar for 8-10 people. We work with individuals to identify and refine their hook, associated messaging, and work to discuss visuals that will support the message.


Phase 3: Training

Phase 3 is a half day seminar for 5-8 where we take a created presentation, refine it, and work to create the material needed to train other how to give the presentation.

Contact Dr. Sarah to Set Up a Seminar! 

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