Science Speak Coaching™

Let Dr. Sarah be your coach! Science Speak helps you move your science-based presentation from something that means a lot to you to something that means a lot to them, your audience. So often, all the effort that your team has spent to produce the science behind your product is great. Pride in the amount of detail and analysis and statistical significance is understandable. Listeners rooted in science do care that the science is real. But how do you let them know your science is real without losing them along the way? That’s what Science Speak Level 1 is all about . . . figuring out how to present the information in a way that demonstrates the science is real while holding your audience’s attention. Whether through a team seminar or one-on-one coaching, Dr. Sarah can help improve your delivery style and presentation.

People Matter Coaching™

We know that sometimes managing and motivating your employees can be the hardest part of your job. Dr. Sarah is skilled and trained in providing inspiring and relevant messages combined with fun, interactive activities that improve how your team works together. Dr. Sarah provides training and speaking to help your company grow and prosper.

Ways we help improve your team:

Become a Better Manager by Better Understanding how Adults Learn

—How to assign lessons and track completion

—How to do an in-barn verification session with an employee

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Onboarding and Integrating the New Team Member

Motivating the Individual on the Team

Creating and Monitoring an Environment of Engagement—Parts 1, 2, and 3

The Art and Science of People Reading to Optimize Communication

The Language of Teamwork

—How to host a group meeting and make it the team’s idea to implement change

Effective Leadership Strategies: The 8 Dimensions of Leadership

DiSC Training:

Dr. Sarah uses the DiSC training method to give your team members the tools and people skills they need to understand and appreciate their coworkers. Effective teamwork requires relationship building. Managers, supervisors, and employees all need to take more responsibility in building and managing their relationships. DiSC training is relationship management training. It’s about taking the leadership role in resolving conflict and transforming working relationships into partnerships.

Employee Engagement:

Engagement links directly to productivity and profitability. We offer employee engagement solutions that provide the most effective ways to listen to your people, learn how to be a high-performance manager, and lead a culture of engagement. It’s the simplest and most accurate way to measure the strength of your workplace.

For Farms

Farm Talk

Motivating People to Do Day One Pig Care

Routine Monitoring of Clinical Sign Prevalence and Severity to Measure Therapy Impact

PQA Plus Training and On-Farm Certification

TQA Training

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Keynote Talks

Professionalism On-Farm

It Takes People to Make Pork

Engagement Matters


Become a Better Manager by

Understanding How Adults Learn

Quantitative Assessments Measure

Prevalence and Severity

Teamwork Tips



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