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Thank you mom and dad for inspiring life long learning in a profession I love! #AASV2018

Parents it is ok to let your children be themselves. Someday, they too might end up with a profession they love! Read More…

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You asked. We listened. Be sure to let us know what else you want on Pork Avenue!

Our Pork Avenue learners asked for some specific lessons in the farrowing curriculum. Today four new Quick Tips are available in English and Spanish for learners! Read More…

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July 2015

Euthanasia is part of offering compassionate care to severely injured piglets. CO2 euthanasia is one approved method for pigs less than 10 pounds. Learn how to do this task in our new Take 5 lesson: CO2 Euthanasia with the Euthanex® AgPro™ Euthanasia can be difficult to do if you haven’t been trained how to get the job done. It is critical that your employees learn how to euthanize appropriately, so they can offer timely compassionate care to suffering pigs. This lesson comes with an in-barn

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